Welcome to TailWheel.Net!

You have found the source for all tailwheel knowledge! The goal his is to point you to resources to help you achieve your goals as a taildragger pilot. There is always something to be learned even if you have years of experience!

My name is Steve Johnson. I have thousands of hours of tailwheel time (and dual given) in Super Cubs, Cessnas, and many other taiildragger types. They are all different, but all the same in some very fundamental ways. You CAN safely fly tailwheel aircraft, but you need to take the time to learn to do it right. My goal with this site is to provide a resource - one that gets corrected and updated by other sage tailwheel pilots - for anyone wanting to pursue the rating - and the lifestyle!

Because I have recently had eye surgery and can't use my eyes for long periods of time, let me start off with some of the best resources for any tailwheel pilot.


First, I consider the Plourde book to be the BIBLE when it comes to tailwheel training. Read it more than once!  Here is the link!  The Compleat Taildragger Pilot